Fear and a way

A man living out of fear is always trembling inside. He is continuously on the point of going insane, because life is big, and if you are continuously in fear... And there is every kind of fear - and still you are alive! There are infections all around, diseases, dangers, terrorists... and such a small life. And finally there is death, which you cannot avoid. Your whole life will become dark. Drop the fear! The fear was taken up by you in your childhood unconsciously; now consciously drop it and be mature. And then life can be a light which goes on deepening as you go on growing. (Osho)

Charlotte Vander Zande
Lies Anseeuw, Ruth Trioen, Jolien Goemaere, Nikos Verschore, Hannes Verschore, Ellen Braet en Charlotte Vander Zande
Bruno Coulais, 16 Horsepower, AGF & Craig Armstrong, The Afghan Wigs
Kristof Van Eekelen


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